Key Bank CD rates

Taking a look at what Key bank has to offer in the way of certificate of deposits brings us to Key direct. This is just a subsidiary of Key Bank, and a simple move to allow people to just buy what they want. Especially in this market.

While Key Bank may not have the best CD rates in the market, they do make it quite easy to order online with their online banking and investing enrollment. They service up to 37 states, and it can all be done by phone if you don’t have a Key nearby.

Currently according to their website, they are showing for a Key Gold Money Market Savings account a 2% APY on anything from $.01 up to under $250k.

The Key Tiered Certificates of Deposit rates are 3.80% APY on any balances of $5000 to right under $50,000. With a 14 month term.

And lastly the Key IRA Tiered CD rates are 4.10% APY with a deposit of $5,000 to $49,999.99. With the term being 29 months.

Once again you should check with Key for their current CD rates to be accurate for any changes that may have been made past November 21st. Key Bank CD rates as I mentioned may not be the highest CD rates, but they are an alternative if you are looking at going with them.


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