Chase Bank CD Rates

Chase is one of the largest banks in the nation, and since we have not written up anything on JPMorgan Chase Bank, we decided to give you some of the bank rates that are currently featured.

As of right now there are several options shown on their website for Chase bank CD rates. One of those being investments with a minimum of $1000, and bank CD’s with an investment of $10,000 or more.

Short term CD rates have a little to be desired for when you look at Chase Bank’s 6-Month 0.25% APY. Starting at 18-Month rates you will see they bump up to 1.01%. Long term CD rates are a little bit better. The 9-Month term starts at 1.50% leading up to the 60-Month for 2.50% APY.

These CD rates are good as of 3/9/09. If you have any other questions about these rates feel free to check with a representative of Chase. Recently we also covered a savings account bonus that they had going as well. So stay tuned for more bank deals.


  1. William Krason says

    Yes – when do you think CD rates will begin to rise and with they go back to 4-5% in the next 2-3 yrs? Thank you, Bill Krason

  2. Darryl says

    Yes it appears that everyone is asking the same question. As of right now there is no serious indicator of when rates will rise. Everyone is having a tough time financially, so it looks like we may be waiting a little while. Once the Feds raise rates then banks will increase theirs and CD rates will follow. As far as I am concerned, Chase CD rates are probably not the one to be looking at because they have never really been high in the first place.

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