Bank of America CD rates

The most popular Bank of America CD that is probably advertised is the opt-up CD. Bank of America CD rates are not readily advertised on the site when I visited it, especially when it varies state to state. Basically you can get 2 different types of opt-up CDs. The first would be the Standard Opt Up CD account. This features a 30-month term opened in any amount from $10,000 up to $250,000. Bank of America is a very strong bank, so you may find their rates are not as competitive as some others who are more desperate for business.

The second option B of A offers is the Flexible Opt Up CD account. The great thing about this certificate of deposit is that you can have the option to increase your rate one time after six months, if interest rates rise during the term of the CD, with no fee or term extension at all.

As of today there is also a Bank of America high yield CD which I thought would be a high yield. Once again this only shows the stability of Bank of America with the low interest earned on this CD of its 7 month duration. The interest rate came out to 2.47% with an APY of 2.50.

If you are looking for a CD with a bank that has a great history, Bank of America definitely has the stability you might be looking for, with banks nationwide they are an easily accessible bank for just about everyone.

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